Launched in April this year, the 4905-guest Ovation of the Seas is smashing record after record including its viewing capsule, North Star, that rises 90m above sea level.

To get an idea of just how enormous this ship is, we’ve collated some stats that will literally blow your mind, including how they cater for so many guests on-board what has been dubbed the biggest hotel in Australia.

On a seven-day cruise, Ovation of the Seas will cater to 4905 guests with:

  • 3300kg of chicken
  • 3750 dozen eggs
  • 714kg of lobster tail
  • 5100kg of beef
  • 850kg of salmon
  • 238kg of ice cream
  • 4286kg of flour
  • 1700kg of french fries
  • 6803kg of potatoes
  • 1803kg of bacon
  • Dine on lamb at Jamie’s Italian on-board. Picture: Royal Caribbean
  • Dine on lamb at Jamie’s Italian on-board. Picture: Royal CaribbeanSource:Supplied
  • And has total restaurant seating for 3474.
  • The ship uses seven million litres of freshwater per day;
  • Has eight specialty restaurants with more than 150 different dishes served daily;
  • Stocks 40 brands of beer;
  • Stocks 340 brands of wine;
  • Stocks 127 different specialty cocktails;
  • Uses 40 varieties of fruit;
  • Uses 80 varieties of vegetables;
  • Offers 40 kinds of breads;
  • Offers 80 kinds of pastries;
  • Uses 37,000kg of ice-cubes daily.
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